K5 Now Open 10am-4pm

K5 Now Open Pleased to reopen with immediate effect 10am-4pm each weekday. Social distancing being observed, meetings by appointment only but good to be back! Call 833776 or e-mail enquiries@k5ltd.im Best Regards Phil

WELCOME To the New K5 Website

Forget Brexit, the only newsworthy item of note to report this week is that I am finally pleased to announce the launch of the brand new K5 website which has to put it mildly been some time in the making. Thanks Colin from Springboard Consultants Limited for your hard work and patience with me over the last year since we started discussing this. I somewhat underestimated the amount of time involved in starting a new business and trying to get a website up and running at the same time, not to mention I have been known to be a little particular at times!